The Cast from Alice in Wonderland

Here is the full cast from the 2011 Alice in Wonderland production performed by StageOne Christian Drama Cooperative.


Hannah Fitzgerald
Played by Hannah Fitzgerald

Alice's Sister / The Cook

Sue Roe
Played by Sue Roe

The White Rabbit

John Simpson
Played by John Simpson

The Queen Of Hearts

Olivia Savage
Played by Olivia Savage

The King Of Hearts / The Dodo

Wayne Quigley
Played by Malcolm Robertson

The Knave Of Hearts

Geoff Dunstall
Played by Geoff Dunstall

The Mouse & Bill The Lizard

Wayne and Kacey Quigley
Played by Wayne and Kacey Quigley

The Mad Hatter

Rosemary Abbot
Played by Rosemary Abbot

The Mad March Hare

Adam Grannell
Played by Adam Grannell

The Door Mouse

David Hellens
Played by David Hellens

The Duchess

Roger Smith
Played by Roger Smith

The Mock Turtle

Adam Grannell
Played by David Savage

The Gryphon

Oliver Tatt
Played by Over Tatt

The Frog Footman

Paul Robbins
Played by Paul Robbins

The Fish Footman

Eddie Edwards
Played by Eddie Edwards

Executioner, Card No 2

Jack Byrne
Played by Jack Byrne

The Owl, Card No 7

Dana Robinson
Played by Dana Robinson