Cinderella by Micheal Hale

Cinderella by StageOne Christian Drama Cooperative

A production of Cinderella by StageOne Christian Drama Cooperative.

February 2014

Supporting Shepway Autism Support Group

This year we will be donating proceeds from our production Shepway Autism Support Group.


In Stoneybroke castle, it is very definitely Baron Hardup’s wife, the Baroness, who rules the roost, together with her two spoilt and selfish daughters. His daughter by a previous marriage, Cinderella, goes unacknowledged, and has to act like a household skivvy, with only Buttons, the Hardups’ Jack of all Trades to show sympathy. The Baron has also secretly squandered Cinderella’s legacy from her mother on luxuries for his new family.

Meanwhile Alidoro, the Prince’s wise tutor, (and Head of his Security Services) is bringing up his charge to be a thoroughly modern monarch tutored in Social responsibility. But, by State law, the Prince cannot succeed his late father unless he marries. Alidoro believes, after exhaustive researches, that he has found the right partner for his master in the form of Cinderella, but wishes to be quite sure that he has made the right choice, that the couple fall naturally in love, and the future bride and queen is not blinded by rank and wealth. He tests Cinderella’s kindness and the Hardups’ unkindness by appearing at the castle disguised as a beggar, and gets the Prince to swap clothes and identity with Dandini, the Prince’s manservant, a masquerade that continues for much of the action, Dandini having a whale of a time as prince for the day. The story proceeds along classic lines.
Alidoro acts as Godfather or Guardian Angel to Cinderella and enables her to attend the Ball.

The Baron’s ambitious daughters pursue the false Prince, Alidoro himself has to fend off the predatory Baroness, Cinderella has to flee the Ball at midnight, leaving her slipper, but all ends happily in the end, with the Hardups exposed (but forgiven at Cinderella’s instigation), Buttons given a top job and Cinderella marrying her true love, despite his proving to be a Prince.