The Cast from Cinderella

Here is the full cast from the 2014 Cinderella production performed by StageOne Christian Drama Cooperative.


Cat Milburn
Played by Cat Milburn

Baron Hardup

Malcolm Robertson
Played by Malcolm Robertson

Baroness Hardup

Roger Smith
Played by Roger Smith>

The Prince

Jack Byrne
Played by Jack Byrne

Clothilda Hardup

Sue Roe
Played by Sue Roe

Portensia Hardup

Alice Monk
Played by Alice Monk


Adam Grannell
Played by Adam Grannell


Michael Hale
Played by Michael Hale


John Simpson
Played by John Simpson

The Major Domo

Paul Wimsett
Played by Paul Wimsett

Mistress of Protocol and The Echo

Alison Forsyth
Played by Alison Forsyth

Miss Glottal

Deny Bateman
Played Deny Bateman

Palace Royal Beautician

Played by Jenna O’Brien

Palace Dance Instructor

Played by Christopher Davidson