The Thwarting Of Baron Bolligrew By Robert Bolt

The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew by StageOne Christian Drama Cooperative

A production of The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew by StageOne Christian Drama Cooperative.

February 2010


On return from dragon hunting, the knights of the dukedom assemble in the great hall and present their trophies of dragon tails to the Duke. After a conference the duke and the knights plan out the new year of activities and as there is nothing for the knights to do.

There is one problem however, Sir Oblong does not agree with the program being outlined.

According to the knights charter, all must agree. And while Sir Oblong is away from the hall for a moment, the knights and Duke draft a scheme to have Sir Oblong go away on a mission, so the charter can be retified.

Sir Oblong is sent to the Bolligrew Isles, home of a large red eyed dragon. Upon his arrival Sir Oblong uncovers corruption from the top of the authorties, the Baron, backed up by a idiot thug, Squire Blackheart, and the sinister Dr (Innocent) Moloch who plans to do Sir oblong in.

Sir Oblong sets to work immediately and unities the locals, fights Squire Blackheart, helps a painted egg maker, and tries to reform a insecure magpie called Micheal. The dragon is slain by everyone and the Baron finds a new hobby and sets of leaving the Bolligrew Isles with his idiot Squire Blackheart in tow. Sir Oblong is made Baron of the Bolligrew The Thwarting Of Baron Bolligrew CastIsles.