Treasure Island by Kim Williamson of Christian Plays

Teasure Island by StageOne Christian Drama Cooperative

A production of Treasure Island by StageOne Christian Drama Cooperative.

February 2009


Not far behind Captain Bart is his arch enemy and banke, Slyman. Accompanying Slyman on his quest to frind the treasure, are two comic idiots Mor and Ron.

Together they brave the harsh seas and storms and arrive at the island. Slyman schemes to take away the map from Captain Bart with the unwelcome help of Mor and Ron. But they have an unexpected suprise.

Meanwhile, Captain Bart followed by Janie and Rosey searches for the treasure and also has an unexpected surprises in the form of Old Ben Gunn, and his cadre of castaways.

This pantomime production offers light-hearted entertainment, much needed by many at the moment, but it also offers a message and a moral. The production is in support of Folkestone Rainbow Centre, who are also very much in need at this time.