StageOne Christian Drama Cooperative Members

Each member of StageOne brings with them different skills and trades including sewing, arts and craft making, electrical and technical, stage light and sound, and of course talent and the will to "just have a go". We are always looking for anyone who can help and wants to get involved in a dramatics group.

Roger Smith

Roger SmithRoger leads our comedy workshops and has helped to develop our ongoing Inside-Outside sessions - all the world's a stage - ha! ha! ha! Accents and funny walks as well as radical approaches to familiar bible stories and parables all make for great fun.

Roger has appeared in two of Michael Hale’s comedies, as the comically tyrannical father in "Michaelmas Daze", as the benign vicar in "Albert", and also played the tragic and deeply moving role of the monarch in "King Saul" and Nero’s despairing tutor and advisor, Burrhus, in Racine’s "Britannicus".

Roger has taken part in the following StageOne productions:

  • Mother in "Treasure Island"
  • The Duke in "The Thwarting Of Baron Bolligrew"
  • The Duchess in "Alice in Wonderland"
  • Widow Twankey in "Aladdin"
  • Lord Roger in "Puss in Boots”
  • Baroness Hardup in “Cinderella"
  • Igor in "Beauty and The Beast"

John Simpson

John SimpsonJohn is a very talented member of StageOne both as actor, director, and technical man. John leads the technical workshops, drama from the saints and other quirky items from time to time. John. Happiest behind a big, analogue sound-desk!

John has appeared in two of Michael Hale’s comedies, King Saul and Britanicus.

John has appeared in the FHODS production of "The Begger's Opera" "A Christmas Carol".

John has taken part in the following StageOne productions:

  • Mr Slyman in "Treasure Island"
  • The White Rabbit in "Alice in Wonderland"
  • Dandini, the Princes's servant, in "Cinderella"

Paul Wimsett

Paul WimsettPaul is an very experienced actor and an excellent prompter. He enjoys sketch acting and putting on accents and personalities. Paul has had playlets performed at the Quarterhouse in Folkestone.

Paul has appeared in the FHODS production of "The Begger's Opera" and taken part in the following StageOne productions:

  • Jesus in Easter and Sunrise Services
  • The Major Domo in "Cinderella"

Adam Grannell

Adam GrannellAdam is a long standing member of StageOne and enjoys taking part in StageOne productions. Adam begun acting with no experience at all and soon grew in confidence to take on bigger roles and the challenge to portray different characters.
Adam maintains the StageOne website and does some of the publicity both online and offline. Happiest at his computer screen!

Adam has taken part in the following StageOne productions:

  • Pirate crew and castaway member in “Treasure Island"
  • Sir Graceless Strongbody in "The Thwarting Of Baron Bolligrew”
  • The March Hare in "Alice in Wonderland"
  • The Evil Abanazer in "Aladdin"
  • Jack in "Puss in Boots”
  • Buttons in "Cinderella”
  • Igor in “Beauty and The Beast”

Michael Hale - Leader of Play Reading Workshops

Michael HaleA number of Michael Hale’s comedies and church dramas have been seen in Folkestone over the last decade or so, raising many a laugh and several thousand pounds for local charities!

Many will recall comedies: ‘Collared!’, ‘Michaelmas Daze’ and ‘Albert’ and also church dramas: ‘Francis, ‘A Prodigal Son’ and ‘King Saul’ His translations of French classics have drawn high praise from experts in the field and, in performance, actors and audiences alike.

Church Outing, his previous comedy to Cinderella, dealing with contemporary church issues and controversies, won high praise from both Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Archbishop Rowan Williams who compared it to the work of David Hare.

Cinderella is his tenth play.

He is also the author of popular memoirs about growing up in his native Worcestershire, and of children’s adventure stories. He has also written a children's adventure novel (The Secrets Of Venture Park) which has proved popular with children and adults alike and which can be purchased from Folkestone Library or ordered from Bookshops.

David Hellens - Leader of Script Writing Workshop

David HellensDavid is a very talented member of StageOne, an author and fan of opera, poetry, comedy, and script writing.

David has taken part in the following StageOne performances:

  • Old Ben Gunn in "Treasure Island"
  • The Mouse at the Mad Hatter’s tea party in "Alice in Wonderland"
  • The Narrator in "Puss in Boots"